Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya Delhi: Tickets Prices, Photos, Show Timings, Nearest Metro Station, Helicopter Ride, Online Ticket Booking, Images, Contact Number, Address & Reviews 2023

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India has always respected its political leaders and people who have represented the country and the Paradhanmantriya Sangrahalaya is also a place that has been created to give a tribute to all the Prime Ministers of India. The Prime Ministers who have led and represented the country since Independence have been showcased in this museum where people of the country can also see the contribution that they have contributed towards the nation. 

The museum is a collective record of all the efforts and remarkable achievements of the nation’s Prime Ministers and how they have moved forward to transform the shape and ideals of the nation ever since India gained independence. In this blog, we will be telling you all about the pm museum delhi so that you can also visit this remarkable construction and gather information about all the Prime Ministers of this nation. 

Where is the Pradhanmantriya Sangrahalaya Located?

If you are interested in visiting the Prime Minister’s Museum then, you can easily visit the place as the Prime Minister’s Museum is located on the Teen Murti Marg. The Teen Murti Bhawan was the residence of the first Prime Minister of India, Mr Jawaharlal Nehru and the Prime ministers museum has been constructed next to the Teen Murti Bhawan which means that you can visit the place and get to know more information about all the Prime Ministers of the country from Mr Nehru to the current PM Mr Narendra Modi. Equipped with modernised technology and a display showing the lives of all the Prime Ministers of the nation, the prime minister museum delhi is a very wonderful place where you can learn more and more about these national figures as well as India as a whole. 

What is the Entry free for Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya?

I am sure that with the information that we have given here, you are surely interested in visiting the museum to see all the items that are exhibited in the museum. You will be very happy to know that the pradhanmantri sangrahalaya ticket price is not very expensive as residents of India can easily visit the place for Rs. 50. Yes, you read it right, it only costs Rs. 50 to visit the Prime Minister’s Museum if you are an adult and if you have a child with you then, you need to pay 10 rupees less. 

Foreign nationals are required to pay Rs. 200 to visit the museum and Rs. 100 for kids for entry to the museum. The museum also offers a light and sound show for which people need to buy a separate ticket for the same. 

Category Entry Fee Entry Free ( Light & Sound Show included)
12 Yrs and above  Rs 50  Rs 100
Children ( 5 – 12 yrs ) Rs 40  Rs 75
Infant up to 4 yrs  Free Free
Foreign Nationals  Rs 200  Rs 400 
Foreign Nationals (Kids) Rs 100  Rs 200


There are a lot of other activities in the museum for which you need to pay separate charges however, all of this depends on the fact whether you want to complete these activities or not. 

  1. Handwritten letter from PM – Rs 50 
  2. Walk with PM – Rs 50 
  3. Selfie with PM – Rs 50 
  4. VR helicopter ride – Rs 100 
  5. Audio Guide – Rs 50 
  6. Earphone for mobile Audio Guide – Rs 50 

All the basic information that we have presented here will help you in visiting the museum as the place is a very awesome mixture of the culture of India and modern technology that is used to make this museum seem like a blast from the future.

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